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How to Find the Best Wireless Router

Most homes in the United States have a wireless router. It is crazy to think that, because just a few years ago, many people did not even know what a wireless router was. Now not only does everyone know what it is, but most people have one.

When I was looking at new homes with my wife, one of the things in my mind was where I would put my wireless router. While that may be a bit extreme to some, it gives you an idea of just how important this is. Many people use the internet for several different things. If someone plays video games, then it is important to have the router near the video gaming system. Some prefer to even have the video game system plugged directly into the router. At the least, it must be very close to the router. Then, if you have an office, you do might not want the router too far from there. People have different demands as far as internet speed goes. For instance, I have my router downstairs and my office upstairs and have on problem with the level of speed that my internet is in my office. That said, I have FiOs internet, which is internet that is extremely fast.

So how should someone go about finding the best wireless router for their particular situation? One important thing to do is find out how far the people are going to be away from the router. The routers list how far they can provide internet away from the router. It is important to give yourself some leeway when measuring this. For instance, if the office is 75 feet away, I would advise against getting a router that provides internet for up to 75 feet. I would get one that provides internet for at least 100 feet. Sure, there will be internet for 75 feet, but in order to get better performance, I would advise to get a router that provides a little bit more than 75 feet best ac router.

Another thing to take into consideration is how fast of internet speed is needed. If someone just wants to browse Facebook with their girlfriend a few hours a week, then the important of a great router, may not be that big of a deal. If someone runs an online business and needs to make file transfers at high rates, then it is important to have a powerful router.

A wireless router is a very powerful tool and it is not difficult to find the best one for you. If you know what you want, order one online. If you are unsure, go see an expert and have them help you with your purchase.
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